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JMRE Inc. 10/23/2017 
  State: Georgia
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Courses Available
*Commercial Real Estate I
*Commercial Real Estate II
*Commercial Land I
*Commercial Land II
*Commercial Leasing I
*Commercial Leasing II
*Negotiating Real Estate Transactions
*Commercial Real Estate Terms I
Specialties in Commercial Real Estate
Environmental Concerns in Real Estate
Required License Law Topics
Development of Residential Subdivsions
Legal Concepts in Real Estate
Review of Commercial Real Estate
Regulatory Concerns in Real Estate
Land Research
Income Properties Part 1
25 Hour Commercial Postlicense Course
* Courses included in the 25 Hour Postlicense Package

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CE 3 Hour Package, 1 Course $30
CE 6 Hour Package, 2 Courses $50
CE 9 Hour Package, 3 Courses $70
CE 12 Hour Package, 4 Courses $85
CE 15 Hour Package, 5 Courses $95
CE 18 Hour Package, 6 Courses $105
CE 21 Hour Package, 7 Courses $115
CE 24 Hour Package, 8 Courses $150
CE 27 Hour Package, 9 Courses $135
CE 30 Hour Package, 10 Courses $140
CE 33 Hour Package, 11 Courses $145
CE 36 Hour Package, 12 Courses $150
25 Hour Commercial Postlicense Course, 8 Courses $130