Georgia Real Estate Commission


Policy And Notice To Students

For On-Line Independent Study Courses


·         This Independent Study Course is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission as meeting the requirements for Education Credits.

·         The Georgia Real Estate Commission School Code is 999.

·         Advance enrollment is required for all on line courses.

·         The fee for each 3-hour course is $10 and must be paid online by credit card. There will be No Refunds for any course purchase.

·         All On-line courses must be completed within 6 months from the date of enrollment.

·         The following technical difficulties with your computer may make it difficult or impossible to complete this online course:

Browser software, operating system software, incompatible mobile devices, or other stated software that is inoperable or less than the minimum required as detailed during the enrollment process in the Minimum Requirements section.

o        Difficulties in operating on a Network system. It is recommended that all programs be closed and that the student log off the network during training.

o        Unfamiliarity with navigating and using the Internet or using computer software and hardware. It is expected that the student have working knowledge of his/her computer, software and the Internet.

o        Disconnection with the Internet or Internet service provider.

·         In order to complete the course, the student must review all text, complete assignments and answer all questions accurately and obtain a score of 75% on each Comprehensive Lesson Quiz. Scores are automatically calculated within the course program and will be displayed during the course for the student's information. Once all modules have been completed and a score of 75% or better has been achieved on the Comprehensive Lesson Quiz, the student will be notified within the program that the lesson or course has been successfully completed.

·         In order to obtain Continuing Education Credit for an On-line Course, the student must be able to accept the STUDENT CERTIFICATION STATEMENT for each lesson completed. This form will appear within the program.

·         Upon the student’s electronic acceptance of the affidavit of completion and the School’s email receipt of the program’s notice of Completion, the student will receive an email message evidencing what has been completed. The completion information for credit hours will be submitted to GREC electronically within 10 days.

·         A student may not take a course for credit if the same course has been taken in less than 1 year previously, or if the course is a portion of another course already taken in less than 1 year.

·         If the Student has any questions concerning content material during the completion of the Course, an instructor is available to answer questions.

·         Contact the approved Instructor, Juanita Motley with any questions or problems by any of the following methods:

o        Phone  (770) 936-9898                       Fax (770) 783-1007 

o        Email

·         The mailing address for the school is as follows:

§         Georgia Real Estate Commission

§         229 Peachtree St. N.E.

§         Suite 1000-International Tower

§         Atlanta, GA 30303-1605

·         It is the policy of GREC:

o        That there shall be no discrimination in the application, enrollment, or completion of any course of instruction, on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, color, familial status, or handicap.

o        That no recruiting will be done during any portion of the approved course, nor during the registration of any course.

o        "No recruiting for employment opportunities for any real estate brokerage firm is allowed in this class or on the school premises.” Report promptly any effort to recruit to the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

·         GREC school license renewal is December 31,2016.

·         Technical support is available at 770-936-9898 and at  Normal Office Hours are 9 AM - 5 PM (closed 12-1 PM) Monday through Friday, Eastern Time.